• Child Development

    Children’s Home

    The Dohnavur Fellowship  has been a beacon of refuge for ‘at risk’ children since the time of Amma, today the fellowship continues to carry the baton forward by working with the government to touch the lives of children.

  • Community Development


    Agriculture was started by the Dohnavur Fellowship as a means of sustainance to meet the food requirement of the fellowship. The fellowship has been a forerunner in implementing the latest technologies and techniques thus becoming a reference point to the surrounding farmers for the best practices to be used...

  • Health

    Parama Suha Salai

    The Dohnavur Fellowship’s Health Education and Care Program is named Parama Suha Salai, which means, ‘Place of Heavenly Healing’ in Tamil. It can accommodate 70 beds, with a large out-patient attendance of around 40000 per year. One of the key components of the work done here is the care...

  • Community Development

    Dairy Farming

    The Dohnavur Fellowship runs a dairy farm with around 40 cows.Milk has been known to be a good source of nutrition for all age groups. And the produce from the diary farm goes a long way in helping meet this need.Milk from the dairy is supplied to the children’s...

  • Child Development

    Jeevalaya Preparatory School

    The Jeevalaya preparatory school helps children who have just joined the children's home. Here children are taught in a classroom atmosphere how to interact with other children,giving them special individual attention and preparing them for integration in regular school.

  • Child Development

    Santhosha Vidhyalaya

    Santhosha Vidyala is an educational initiative of the Dohnavur Fellowship to develop the skills of children from across the country to be contributing members of their communities.It is a boarding school facility  which currently has children speaking 13 different languages and representing 26 out of the 32 States of India.