Dairy Farming

The Dohnavur Fellowship runs a dairy farm with around 40 cows. Milk has been known to be a good source of nutrition for all age groups and the produce from the diary farm goes a long way in helping meet this need. Milk from the dairy is supplied to the children’s home, home for the elderly and also for the children of Sathosha Vidyalaya who number around 800.


A male bull

The cows from the farm produce dung which can be used in multiple ways besides manure..

Uses of the Diary Farm

The cow dung is also used in 6 biogas plants with a total capacity of 24 Cubic Meters. The resulting methane is used in the kitchen and digested slurry is fed to earth worms which in turn produces vermicompost. 

Christmas celebration at the Cow Shed.

The importance of caring for animals and conserving nature is taught to children from a very young age

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