Agriculture was started by the Dohnavur Fellowship as a means of sustenance to meet the food requirement of the fellowship.


Saplings being planted

Multiple crops are planted across the year as the dependence on the 2 monsoons is quite high, especially the rain fed crops..

Crops Grown

At present paddy, millet’s, banana, fruits & vegetables are cultivated.

Setting an example to farmers

The Fellowship has been a forerunner in implementing the latest technologies and techniques thus becoming a reference point to the surrounding farmers for the best practices to be used in agriculture.

Severe shortage of farmhands in the villages due to urbanization, lack of a minimum support price for many crops, dwindling water table due to monsoon failure & prohibitively high cost for organic certification are some of the challenges faced today, but the fellowship presses on, one day at a time.


To learn more, you can watch a presentation on Smart Rainfed Farming given by Mr.Jeremiah Rajanesan at an International Webinar, hosted by the Shobhit Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut, UP.

For more further enquiries regarding the agricultural activities at the Dohnavur Fellowship please do contact Mr.Jeremiah Rajanesan at 8012512123