• Parama Suha Salai

    The Dohnavur Fellowship’s Health Education and Care Program is named Parama Suha Salai, which means, ‘Place of Heavenly Healing’ in Tamil. It can accommodate 70 beds, with a large out-patient attendance of around 40000 per year. One of the key components of the work done here is the care...

  • Jeevalaya Preparatory School

    The Jeevalaya preparatory school helps children who have just joined the children's home. Here children are taught in a classroom atmosphere how to interact with other children,giving them special individual attention and preparing them for integration in regular school.

  • Santhosha Vidhyalaya

    Santhosha Vidyala is an educational initiative of the Dohnavur Fellowship to develop the skills of children from across the country to be contributing members of their communities.It is a boarding school facility  which currently has children speaking 13 different languages and representing 26 out of the 32 States of India.